Alabama Man In Critical Condition After Mob Attack…

Right off the bat, let’s forget race. For the sake of this discussion, let’s focus on what we know:

A man asked (or told) kids to stop playing basketball in the street. The kids left and came back with more people (adults), armed with pipes, paint cans, and chairs. Those people proceeded to attack this man and beat him into critical condition.

Again, forget race, forget the radical comment one of them made as the attacker left. Let’s focus on what we know:

A large group of armed men attacked a lone, unarmed man in his yard.

One thing is clear: no matter what this man said to the kids, this is NEVER the way to handle confrontation. These attackers are clearly wolves for doing what they did.

From my perspective, there is only one equalizer this man could have used to fight off these criminals – a gun.

Yet I want to make something clear:

I don’t have a gun because I plan on using it. In fact, I NEVER want to be forced to shoot anybody. NEVER. I think that if you own a gun, and you believe that you have a right and responsibility to use it to protect your family, then you also have a duty to study Threat Detection and Avoidance. You have a duty to AVOID having to use your gun in the first place!

We cannot “put all our eggs in one basket.” We cannot rely on our guns alone to keep our families safe.

Could he have made it inside, barricaded himself in a room, and dialed 911?

What if there wasn’t enough time for that?

Please leave a comment on this article and let me know what YOU would have done in this situation.

Before you do, I want to warn you: Do not leave a comment regarding race in this situation. It will be deleted.

And before you answer – really take some time to consider what a reasonable course of action would have been for this man. Remember, he had a large, armed group of men quickly approaching his house, and he must have been outside at the time.

What would you have done?

via Alabama Man In Critical Condition After Mob Attack… | Home Defense Association of America.

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