7-Year-Old Jori Lirette Decapitated By Dad Jeremiah Lee Wright

I just cannot get this off my mind. Incomprehensible how you can do this to your own FLESH AND BLOOD. Maybe God comfort this poor mother and the rest of this family.

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2 thoughts on “7-Year-Old Jori Lirette Decapitated By Dad Jeremiah Lee Wright

  1. miranda says:

    im sorry but there is no exsplanation to killing your child or any child at tha they did not ask to be brought here they were consieved by someone who chose to bring him here everyone knows sex leads to children. if this man gets away with this then everyone should be able to get away with anything killing a child who doesnt even have a say so in anything is just unforgiveable. i dont even know this child and just by looking at his pictures made me fall in love with him his smile does lite up everything. ther is nothin in this world tht means more than the ageing of a child watching them go on the bus the first day them graduating why stop it so young. this man deserves more than just sitting in prison he deserves mor ethan that he took a childs life at 7 years old hasnt even got to see things in the world be a kid or anything like tht i think this man deff deserves life penalty .nothing less if so then people should be able to get away with anything. dont just let himget away with it if so there will be another perosn out there to do the same thing knowing theyll get away with it just like the little girl cassie her mom got away with it and look another killer about to get away with it. do something rite and put him to justice for a long time

  2. This is the most horrible thing I’ve ever heard. I cannot even begin to understand what would drive anyone to kill… let alone their own child. My heart goes out to his mother and everyone involved in this investigation. Scott Silverii (the police chief) is my step uncle. I know this is hitting him hard. He has a son who is also handicap, and I can only imagine the amount of rage and pain he’s feeling right now. I wish we lived in the days when the punishment fit the crime….that way, this douche would be beaten in the head, decapitated, and dismembered as well. RIP Jori, spread your wings baby boy!

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