‘Stop Global Warming’ Sign Buried in the Snow

‘Stop Global Warming’ Sign Buried in the Snow

This amusing photo goes hand in glove with this idiocy:

That snow outside is what global warming looks like. There is now strong evidence to suggest that the unusually cold winters of the last two years in the UK are the result of heating elsewhere.

Who says something so stupid? Why, a renowned "expert" who was exposed as a total fraud during ClimateGate, of course. But wait, ten years ago we were told snow was a thing of the past. Oops.

Daniel Hannan is amused.

For all I know, Monbiot may be right. It just seems remarkably convenient that any climatic trend is the fault of greenhouse gases . Getting hotter? Global warming! Getting cooler? Global warming! Average overcast October day? Gaea is on her last legs!

But … but … NASA is telling us the truth!

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