GOP Primary Winner Santorum Endorses Landry

Jeff Landry, conservative candidate for Louisiana Attorney General and former Congressman from LA-3, has received the endorsement of Rick Santorum, former U.S. Senator and Presidential candidate.  Landry’s campaign sent out the below email regarding the announcement today:

The campaign is heating up, and our momentum continues to build.

Rick Santorum – the winner of the 2012 Louisiana Republican Presidential Primary, former U.S. Senator, and Chairman of Patriot Voices – today announced his endorsement of our campaign for Attorney General.

I am thrilled to have Senator Santorum’s endorsement as we work to bring honesty, integrity and conservative principles to the Attorney General’s Office.

Senator Santorum said in his endorsement that he has always been impressed by my principled, conservative leadership.
"Jeff is not just a lifelong Republican, but a lifelong conservative who is committed to bettering his community and the State of Louisiana. Jeff has shown his commitment to public service as a decorated veteran, as a sheriff, and a Member of Congress; and I am proud to support his candidacy to be Louisiana’s next Attorney General."
Senator Santorum recognizes the critical need for a proven conservative as Louisiana’s next Attorney General to fight the regulatory overreach of President Obama and his Administration.

With your help, I can provide our state that leadership. Please visit my website and join our team. And if you are able to contribute financially to our efforts of protecting our families, freedoms and the rule of law – please do so right now online here.

Thanks in advance for your support,
Jeff Landry
Your Candidate for Attorney General

This endorsement comes on the heel of another recent endorsement by Congressman John Fleming of Louisiana.

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Rep. Barbara Lee (D-CA): Global Warming Will Turn Women Into Prostitutes For Food

Text - H.Con.Res.29 - 114th Congress (2015-2016): Recognizing the disparate impact of climate change on women and the efforts of women globally to address climate change. | | Library of Congress

This shows exactly why Democrats are so ridiculously out of touch with reality.  This “representative” from California should be thrown out of the House of Representatives for such asinine legislation.

Whereas food insecure women with limited socioeconomic resources may be vulnerable to situations such as sex work, transactional sex, and early marriage that put them at risk for HIV, STIs, unplanned pregnancy, and poor reproductive health;

via Text – H.Con.Res.29 – 114th Congress (2015-2016): Recognizing the disparate impact of climate change on women and the efforts of women globally to address climate change. | | Library of Congress.

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The real story behind Northside High principal’s sudden departure

It’s sad when the administration and the leaders in the Lafayette Parish School System put politics before the students in the district.  Repeatedly, there is nothing but games and pettiness related to educators and those outside of the political establishment in this district.  Until the broken system is totally replaced, it is apparent that nothing will improve for those in the school system that need it most.

Read more: The real story behind Northside High principal’s sudden departure.

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Senator Highlights Clinton Ties to Nigerian Donor

Louisiana Sen. David Vitter has chimed in on the recurring issues surrounding former Sec. of State Hillary Clinton and her association with questionable organizations and countries that have contributed to the Clinton Foundation.  Per the following, Vitter has questions concerning her reluctance to designate Boko Haram as a terrorist organization.

Vitter sent a letter last week to Secretary of State John Kerry requesting all of Clinton’s records relating to Boko Haram and her reluctance to label it as a Foreign Terrorist Organization (FTO).

The senator also asked for all of Secretary Clinton’s communications with Gilbert Chagoury, a Nigerian construction magnate who has donated millions to the Clinton Foundation in addition to contributing thousands to an outside group that helped re-elect President Bill Clinton in 1996.

The entire text of the letter is below:

March 17, 2015

The Honorable John Kerry
Secretary of State
U.S. Department of State
2201 C Street, N.W.
Washington, D.C. 20510

Dear Secretary Kerry:

Like many Americans, I am incredibly concerned about the recent revelations that former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has kept official federal records hidden from the public, both through an external email domain and in deciding to delete thousands of these records. While the State Department is in the process of reviewing the documents Secretary Clinton has provided, I am requesting that the Department provide all additional files specifically relating to the designation of Boko Haram as a terrorist organization during former Secretary Clinton’s term and seek out any related files which may not have already been turned over by Secretary Clinton.

As I have in the past, I commend your November 2013 decision to designate Boko Haram as a Foreign Terrorist Organization. However, given the drastic foothold Boko Haram was allowed to gain prior to being designated an FTO, the nexus between the Department’s decision against designating Boko Haram as an FTO and connections to outside groups should be brought forward. Associated records should have been preserved as evidence of the agency’s activities, decisions and procedures. These should be presented to the relevant committees and to the American public to be evaluated for corresponding misconduct.

Last year, I presented the Department with evidence that multiple State Department Country Reports on Terrorism, presented to Congress under Secretary Clinton’s direction, failed to include valuable information related to Boko Haram. Inaccuracies within official documents make it clear that the State Department misled Congress and the American people. Additional evidence demonstrates that multiple Department employees who were directly involved in the decision against designating Boko Haram as an FTO, including the Office Coordinator for Counterterrorism, have been Clinton Foundation employees. Disturbingly, while the Department was refusing to make the FTO designation, former President Bill Clinton, also the head of the Clinton Foundation and account owner of the Clinton email domain, participated in events with a long-time donor and major Nigerian land developer, Gilbert Chagoury, who previously agreed to a $66 million plea deal during international investigation into corruption charges against him. We need to know if Mr. Chagoury had any influence in the decision not to designate Boko Haram an FTO, or had any other influence with Sec. Clinton’s foreign policy decisions.

Between this history of involvement and the recent revelations regarding Secretary Clinton’s record keeping, I strongly believe it is essential to re-establish trust in the Department to provide the related materials to the public. If funds from the Clinton Foundation were used to pay for the email server, it would constitute a financial benefit from the Clinton Foundation and donations from foreign businessmen who directly stood to gain from Clinton’s decision, which is questionable at best.

I have long opposed the foreign donations to the Clinton Foundation as a conflict of interest for Secretary Clinton due to the nature of the job. Moreover, as you are aware, the Code of Federal Regulations requires federal agencies to make and preserve records that duly document agency activity. Former Secretary Clinton’s actions in conjunction to information I have previously presented to the Department where she circumvented and misled Congress should be closely examined.

The purpose of the law is to ensure that agency activities are available to be reviewed when needed — such as for FOIA requests or congressional inquiries. Each federal agency is responsible for maintaining its records in accordance with regulations. Due to the highly unusual nature of the current circumstance, I am asking you to demonstrate the Department’s commitment to transparency and to provide all files related to their decision not to designate Boko Haram an FTO, and all communication with Mr. Chagoury or his affiliated businesses.

These actions, if true, run contrary to the trust placed in the Department, as a representative of the United States and constitutional government. It is imperative to fully disclose relevant information to the American public.


David Vitter
United States Senate

Read more: Senator Highlights Clinton Ties to Nigerian DonorSenator Highlights Clinton Ties to Nigerian Donor

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Vitter amendment would block federal government from forcing or pressuring states to adopt Common Core

Vitter amendment would block federal government from forcing or pressuring states to adopt Common Core |

Sen. David Vitter, who is running for the office of Governor of the State of Louisiana in November, has come out with an budget amendment that would block the federal government and the Education Department from forcing Common Core on the states and thus allow for more local and state control over education.

“This heavy-handed coercion of states to adopt academic standards and assessments is an unprecedented and inappropriate use of federal authority,” Vitter said. “Decisions about education should be made by state and local officials, schools, and families — without intervention or micromanagement from the federal government.”

via Vitter amendment would block federal government from forcing or pressuring states to adopt Common Core |

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ALFORD: Attorney General’s Race May Get Politically Crowded

Buddy Caldwell can call himself a Republican as much as he would like, but nothing can hide his liberal history and the Elvis-singing love affair he’s had with the recently deposed, Mary Landrieu.

Today, as a former Democrat trying to make his way in a fire engine red state, Caldwell is learning what many other GOP officials may have to come to terms with if voters maintain their single party focus in Louisiana: it doesn’t matter if you’re a Republican; it matters only how Republican you can be.

via ALFORD: Attorney General’s Race May Get Politically Crowded.

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You Won’t Believe what Nation the UN Condemned for Women’s Rights Violation!

This goes to show you the utter foolishness and antisemitic nature that is the United Nations.  And yet, we, the taxpayers of the United States, are forced to pour MILLIONS of dollars into this corrupt organization.

Read more: You Won’t Believe what Nation the UN Condemned for Women’s Rights Violation!.

MarblePort Polling Releases Report on Polling in Louisiana Races

MarblePort Polling and Ethan Zorfas, general consultant for Bill Cassidy’s Senate campaign, released the following polling report today.  The survey was conducted Monday March 17th, 2015. In total, 1071 interviews among likely voters were completed. The margin of error is +/­‐2.99%.

One of the biggest questions in the poll was for candidate for Louisiana Governor.


The poll highlights the strength of Vitter’s support, which is mainly among Republican voters in the state.  John Bel Edwards is enjoying considerable support in both Democrat and African-American voting areas.  Jay Dardenne’s support mainly comes from within the Baton Rouge area, while Scott Angelle’s support is coming from the heavily Cajun area of the state, Acadiana.

The second part of the poll deals with the political mood within the state.


Voters were also asked which party they trusted more to lead the state legislature.


Jindal’s job performance was questioned, which could possibly be a referendum in the fall election.


Regarding education, Common Core remains wildly unpopular here in the Bayou State.


When asked about the state’s deficit, 66% of voters state that they agree that the state spends too much money on wasteful projects.


Due to the fact that the state is in such a financial bind, many of those polled support a hike in the amount taxed on cigarettes in the state.



The report can be read in entirety here.

Source: MarblePort Polling – Ethan Zorfas

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Response to PARCC Testing in Iberia Parish

The outcry over PARCC testing and the Common Core standards have reached South Louisiana, with several parents opting out their children in taking part in those upcoming testing dates.  Per the information below, six area Iberia Parish children have been opted out of PARCC testing.

The parents of six students have asked that their children opt out of the upcoming PARCC test in Iberia Parish.

“Nothing has changed from when this began,” Iberia Parish school Superintendent Dale Henderson said. “Our numbers for parents wanting to opt out have been low. I think parents and teachers are taking this opportunity seriously.”

Read more: Response to PARCC is serious in Iberia

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Congressman John Fleming Endorses Jeff Landry

John Fleming, Louisiana Congressman from the 4th Congressional District, has endorsed Jeff Landry, former Congressman from Louisiana’s 3rd Congressional District, in his bid to unseat Buddy Caldwell, Louisiana Attorney General.  Fleming testifies to the conservative credentials of Landry and to the work that he will do as Attorney General for the State of Louisiana.

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Conservative Review Rates Louisiana’s Representation

Conservative Review’s most recent rating of the Louisiana delegation does not look good for those in the Acadiana / Lake Charles / Southeast Louisiana region being “represented” by Congressman Charles Boustany.  In a comparison to the rest of the Louisiana delegation in both chambers, Boustany scored a resounding “F” on the graded scale from that organization.

His “Boustany Jr. At a Glance” profile describes the congressman in the following terms:

Unsurprisingly, he considers the most conservative members of the conference in the House – the more newly elected tea party aligned members – not to be conservative. "Look at payroll tax. Look at fiscal cliff. You can go on and on. There are a handful of members – the numbers sort of vary, it’s in the 20-30 range – that are enough to derail a Republican conservative agenda in the House."[3] He is also a strong critic of those conservatives that want to continue fighting for repeal and defunding of Obamacare. He supports the expansion of Medicaid in Louisiana.

Boustany has consistently supported bloated farm bills, omnibus spending bills, and debt ceiling increases. In 2008, he voted for almost all of the bailouts, including the final version of the bank bailout. He has also supported earmarks and trade subsidies. As a member of the Ways and Means Committee overseeing trade, Boustany is a strong proponent of continued subsidies for the corporate welfare Export-Import Bank. – See more at: Boustany Jr. At a Glance


Boustany has continually aligned himself with the establishment in DC, such as Speaker of the House, John Boehner, and has shown himself everything but the conservative alternative that he claims to be.  All of those in the region that he represents that hold to conservative values should be appalled that he is one of the most liberal members of Louisiana’s delegation.

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Port director: Letter-writing campaign could help AGMAC

Port director: Letter-writing campaign could help AGMAC - The Daily Iberian: News

As a worker in the oilfield and specifically, at the Port of Iberia, this project would provide untold benefits to the construction capabilities of fabrication companies at the Port.  This issue has been discussed for years and the time has come that a decision needs to be made on the future of this project.

The governing commission of the Port of Iberia is reaching out to the people in Iberia Parish for a letter-writing campaign to promote deepening the canal at the port.

“We’ve been working on deepening the port of Iberia for a while,” said Craig Romero, executive director of the Port of Iberia. “We’re trying to put a bigger emphasis on exporting deepwater structures.”

via Port director: Letter-writing campaign could help AGMAC – The Daily Iberian: News.

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Fleming endorses Landry for LA Attorney General

Fleming endorses Landry for LA Attorney General -

In a move that is sure to shore up support in Fleming’s North Louisiana area, Jeff Landry has picked up the endorsement of Congressman John Fleming.

“Today I’m excited to announce my support of Jeff Landry for Louisiana Attorney General. Jeff is a highly respected Conservative who will protect the freedoms and values so important to the people of Louisiana.

“As a former member of Congress, Jeff was a staunch battler against Washington’s long arm of intrusion into our lives and businesses. He worked hard for smaller government, protection of our constitutional freedoms and liberty, and demanded an accountable Congress that answers to the people. As Attorney General, Jeff has the integrity to defend the Louisiana constitution and advocate important issues like consumer safety and fighting crime and corruption. We can trust in him to apply common-sense conservative principles as our Attorney General.

“I am proud to support him today and look forward to seeing him in office.”

via Fleming endorses Landry for LA Attorney General –

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David Vitter Leads in Louisiana Political Survey

The following information was released by email today regarding the impending race for Governor in the State of Louisiana.  Some interesting findings regarding the elections were provided and should give an insight into the minds of Louisiana voters at this current time.


Monday, March 9, 2015

CONTACT:  Justin Brasell

David Vitter Leads in

Louisiana Political Survey

The race for Governor is increasingly shaping up to be a David Vitter vs. John Bel Edwards run-off as no candidates are close to 50%

Our statewide poll of 1,655 participants was conducted on March 5, 2015, and has a margin of error of +/- 2.4%. The results are attached.

The poll was conducted as voters and the press have begun to focus on this fall’s statewide races in Louisiana. Before this poll, no public poll had been completed since two of the gubernatorial candidates began paid media buys or since several public debates were held in that race. Previous polls have included other candidates for governor who have not announced and did not participate in any debate. The poll also measured the races for Lieutenant Governor, Attorney General and Commissioner of Insurance, which are beginning to become active.

Survey Findings:


· The Louisiana political environment is cynical, to say the least. Currently 30% of the electorate believes Louisiana is headed in the right direction, while 70% believe it’s headed in the wrong direction.

· Incumbent Republican Governor Bobby Jindal currently has a 63% disapproval rating.

· In a head-to-head race for Governor, with a generic Democrat candidate vs. a generic Republican, the Republican candidate ONLY leads by six points, 53% Republican to 47% Democrat. That is far closer than any recent major statewide elections.

· This is a much different environment at the state level than we saw during the November 2014 federal election cycle in Louisiana. If a three-point swing were to occur on the generic ballot (certainly possible with Republicans in charge of an upcoming legislative session next month featuring a $1.6 billion deficit), the two generic candidates would be dead even.


· The race for Governor is increasingly shaping up to be a David Vitter vs. John Bel Edwards run-off, as no candidates are close enough to 50%.

· Currently Vitter is leading with 35% (23% definitely / 12% probably) followed by Edwards at 33% (16% definitely / 17% probably).

· Jay Dardenne is running third with 15% (8% definitely / 7% probably), while Scott Angelle trails with 7% (3% definitely / 4% probably). 11% remain undecided.

· Edwards’ radio buy seems to be consolidating African American support (68% Edwards / 13% undecided).

· Despite a reported $200k television buy, Angelle remains in the mid single digits.


Triumph Campaigns, LLC / 201 W. Capitol Street, Jackson, MS 39201

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Sen. David Vitter says Hillary Clinton email flap reminds him of his battle over EPA messaging

Sen. David Vitter says Hillary Clinton email flap reminds him of his battle over EPA messaging |

Proud to see Sen. Vitter asking the questions that need to be asked regarding this email scandal.  This should not be brushed over and should be investigated thoroughly.  The most transparent administration in history is falling woefully short time and time again.

“At this point, President Obama’s claim of leading ‘the most transparent Administration in history’ is certainly laughable – especially now that we know two previous members of his Cabinet — EPA Administrator Lisa Jackson and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton — went out of their way to hide their emails from federal records laws and the American public,” Vitter said. “It should go without saying that the president’s very top officials should not be leading efforts to avoid transparency laws in order to avoid oversight and accountability — including Freedom of Information Act requests.”

via Sen. David Vitter says Hillary Clinton email flap reminds him of his battle over EPA messaging |

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This President has utter contempt for our American allies 

If this doesn’t call for impeachment, then nothing else can. Talk about aiding and abetting the enemy. 

However, an Israeli minister “who has good ties with the US administration revealed Netanyahu’s plans to Secretary of State John Kerry” and as a result Obama then threatened to shoot down Israeli jets before they could reach their targets in Iran. 

Read more: Obama threatened to fire on Israeli jets attacking Iran

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Louisiana GOP Opposes Common Core

Press Release
For Immediate Release
Friday, February 27, 2015
Ross Little, Jr.
Republican National Committeeman

For Immediate Release


Louisiana Republicans Oppose Common Core


LAFAYETTE-February 26, 2015 -Ross Little, Jr., Louisiana’s Republican National  Committeeman announced today that the LAGOP adopted a resolution calling for the Repeal of Common Core.  The resolution was adopted overwhelmingly on Saturday, February 21, at the first State Republican meeting of 2015.


The Resolution was sponsored by Little of Lafayette and co-Sponsored by State Rep. Lenar Whitney of Houma, both of whom serve on the Republican National Committee, together with several other members of the Louisiana Republican State Central Committee.


“We’ve been meeting with numerous legislators since September,” said Little, “and we are hopeful that the legislature will repeal Common Core in the upcoming legislative session. “


The Republican Resolution calls on legislators, BESE members and others to promote State and local control of public schools and to resist federal intrusion into education policymaking by a full repeal of the CCSSI.   The resolution asks that the repeal be made “by any and all means necessary, including action by the Louisiana Legislature, the State Board of Elementary and Secondary Education, the State Superintendent of Education, the Governor and any other officials.”


The resolution commended parents and activists in the state and across the nation  for reclaiming our heritage of citizen-directed government, supporting education choices for academic freedom and individual excellence in a free market model rather than a “one size fits all” approach to education that is being promoted in the CCSSI.




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George W. Bush endorsing David Vitter for Governor

Dear Fellow American,

It’s been many years since my business pursuits first brought me to Louisiana. As I worked with the hard-working people there, I came to have a quiet admiration for their values, their spirit, their grit and determination.

I felt the same way many years later after meeting David Vitter, and helping to see him elected to the United State Senate. I learned that David’s friendly, upbeat demeanor was matched by his firm convictions.

I am writing you today to ask for your support for my good friend David Vitter in his campaign to become Governor of Louisiana.

In the U.S. Senate, David has been an effective leader who has consistently fought for conservative values and the people of Louisiana. His voting record is solidly conservative.

David also knows how to get things done.

I have every confidence that David would be a superb Governor, and help take a state I love to great heights of achievement and progress.

Please help keep Louisiana on the right track. I’m personally asking you to join me in supporting David Vitter as he campaigns for Governor of Louisiana in 2015.


George Bush

George Bush

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Scott Angelle and Common Core

QUESTIONS FOR CANDIDATES...... START WITH SCOTT ANGELLE - Greater New Orleans Tea Party (Metairie, LA) - Meetup

If you want to find someone that will continue the legacy of Bobby Jindal, you will find that person in Scott Angelle.  Jindal was an advocate of Common Core and was instrumental in the implementation while in a leadership position in the National Governors Association.  Scott Angelle was also instrumental in getting Common Core passed within the legislature.

While Scott Angelle, candidate for Governor, recently announced that he is opposed to “Common Core “……he said absolutely nothing about whether Louisiana kids should be required to take the PARCC test….OR be subjected to invasive data mining/sharing .

via QUESTIONS FOR CANDIDATES…… START WITH SCOTT ANGELLE – Greater New Orleans Tea Party (Metairie, LA) – Meetup.

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Buddy Caldwell and the Levee Board Lawsuit

On Feb. 13, U.S. District Judge Nannette Jolivette Brown ruled in favor of dismissing a lawsuit filed over a year and a half ago on behalf of the Southeast Louisiana Flood Protection Authority–East (SLFPA–E), a regional levee authority, by New Orleans-based law firm Jones, Swanson, Huddell & Garrison, that accused nearly 100 oil, pipeline and energy companies of contributing to coastal land loss.

Attorney General Buddy Caldwell was vehemently in favor of this lawsuit and, in turn, hired outside counsel in an attempt to fan the flames of those in his political circle.  This has shown itself to be nothing more than another attempt by a liberal Democrat shrouded in Republican clothing of trying to use his political influences and gaining favors at the expense of the taxpayers in Louisiana.

A recent post in the Washington Examiner stated “the litigation contract brokered between SLFPA–E and Jones has been controversial from the beginning with many questioning the SLFPA–E’s legal standing to bring such a lawsuit and Louisiana Attorney General James “Buddy” Caldwell absorbing some of the criticism for signing off on SLFPA–E’s ability to hire outside counsel.”  The same piece states that Jones has a reputation going after “legacy lawsuits” against oil and gas interests and making million on such lawsuits.

It is apparent that Caldwell has nothing but personal interests involved in his decisions regarding these legacy lawsuits and has chosen to utilize his office in a manner inconsistent of that of a public servant and more of one that has committed malfeasance in office.

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Landry outraises Caldwell by nearly $750,000

The following was received in email format regarding fundraising goals that have been reached by the Landry campaign for Louisiana Attorney General.

Landry For Louisiana

Last week, we learned more about the Attorney General’s race.

As you may have seen in the news, I raised over $760,000 last year. My campaign ended 2014 with over $1 million in the bank.

My opponent, Mr. Caldwell, raised $39,000 in all of last year. He ended with only $300k in the bank after fundraising for several years.

Why? Because Louisiana citizens want an Attorney General who is ethical, honest, and truly conservative.

People are tired of politicians who have been in office a lifetime and only go with the political winds to stay in office.

I registered as a Republican at the age of 18 because I believe in our Party. I served in Congress because I wanted to stop Obama and Pelosi’s destructive policies. I am pro-life, pro-gun, pro-jobs, and anti-debt.

Mr. Caldwell was a lifelong Democrat who may have changed parties but has not changed who he really is. Last year, Caldwell endorsed Mary Landrieu for re-election. He is part of the old Buddy network in Louisiana. Watch this video to see how Caldwell spends our tax dollars to reward personal backers.

There is a real difference between Caldwell and me. And with this election being so critical for Louisiana, it is incredibly important that I earn your support.

I need your help if we are going to put a real Republican in the Attorney General’s chair. So I am asking for your help in three ways:

Today, please join other Republican leaders in pledging your support here.

Please call me at 337-313-4537 if you have information, an event you want me to attend, or if you have any questions.

And if you can support me financially as well, I will gladly accept your contribution here.
Whatever you do, please pledge your support today at

Together we will continue to promote strong families, freedom, and economic opportunity in Louisiana.

Jeff Landry
Your candidate for Attorney General
Member of Congress, 112th Congress

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Marie Barf, err, Harf, says the way to defeat ISIS is more jobs. No, she really said just that. And this is the mindset of the children running foreign policy and the fight against terrorism in the Obama administration.

Read more: Theatre of the absurd: Marie Harf says root cause of ISIS is unemployment


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In regards to the asinine debate taking place about Scott Walker’s lack of a college degree, I give you the following.  This woman is the poster child for liberal ignorance in Washington, DC.

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